When a product is close to launch, I become a perfectionist. Each misaligned element or awkward interaction is like a thorn in my side. There’ll be a dozen tiny implementation mistakes that taunt me each time I run into them. Everything seems so broken.

But to everyone else on the team, the product seems fine! It’s functional. They ask, “Will moving that button by 3 pixels really improve our product?” They argue, “The last time we fixed a small design bug, the product didn’t feel any different.” And so the team moves onto the next big idea and the next set of features.

Fremtiden kom bag på dem/ de havde travlt med at falde af på den/ med hånden nede i kagedåsen/ og halv fed bag badekåben/ lige midt i salat skålen/ med asparges i og tomatsuppen/ Giv dem 30 år og en halv måne/ og de ville ønske at de havde valgt automat våben/ i stedet for privat lånet/

- Loke Deph

At my 9-to-5 I teach computers to be clever
So they can replace you and do the job better
Never say never
Corporate America is out to save cheddar
Computer programming ain’t about creation
It ain’t about videogames or playstations
It ain’t about making new jobs or innovation
It’s about automation
And permanent vacations
Blueprint, “Soul Position - Fuckajob”